AFRICA SALON is an exciting celebration of African arts and culture through unique discussions, screenings, fashion shows, parties, and performances, featuring some of the most consequential artists from the continent and diaspora. This year’s salon highlights visual art, poetry, music, fashion, media, dance and cuisine. At a time when contemporary African art is drawing more eyes than ever, AFRICA SALON creates a space for audiences to intimately access and absorb the complexity of the contemporary African narrative. Africa Salon celebrates creative artistry that promotes modern African stories and cultural aesthetics. It aims to humanize and expose the richness, complexity, and beauty of contemporary African Arts and Culture. Artists featured in AFRICA SALON, including student talent, share a progressive approach to owning and telling African stories. Through literature, film, music, dance, and more, the SALON invites audiences to rethink their conceptions of the continent and diaspora–to watch, listen, and respond–and to celebrate the creation of these important narratives.

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The third iteration of Yale’s contemporary African Arts and Culture festival was a powerhouse two-day event highlighting art, poetry, dance, music, media and for the first time in AFRICA SALON history, cuisine! AFRICA SALON 2017 will feature presentations by trailblazing artists including Laulo Senbanjo, Safia Elhillo, and Nosa Garrick, a fashion show curated by Nikki Billie Jean of All Things Ankara, an art exhibition showcasing the work of African artists from Yale and New Haven, and a musical concert featuring exhilarating Neo-Soul Hip-Hop, and “Electro-Organic” Afro-Beat Music by OSHUN, and Kenyan Music Collective, Cosmic Homies. Curated by Dianne Lake.


The AFRICA SALON 2016 lineup included the likes of Achille Mbembe, Kwani?, 2manysiblings, Hannah Giorgis, a concert headlined by Blitz The Ambassador and Thomas Mapfumo, screenings of The Pearl of Africa, Sembené, Afripedia and Horses of God, a fashion show with Ikiré Jones and House Of Chihera and much more.Through exhibits, fashion shows, “unpanels,” film screenings, performances, a “Portal” to Kenya, and a tantalizing “African brunch,” AFRICA SALON 2016 created a space where local communities can experience firsthand the stories, images, sounds, and even tastes of Africa’s current artistic and cultural landscape. Curated by Ifeanyi Awachie.




AFRICA SALON 2015 was Yale University’s first contemporary African arts and culture festival.  The lively two-day event featured a series of panels, readings, exhibits, screening selections from the Johannesburg Pavilion Film Programme, workshops, and discussions with some of the most consequential artists from the continent and Diaspora including Bibi Bakare-Yusuf, 54 kingdoms Fashion House, Ruby Onyinyechi Amanze and an exhilarating musical concert that featured Jean Grae, Kae Sun, Just a Band, and Fela Akustic, with a surprise appearance by Angelique Kidjo. Curated by Ifeanyi Awachie.


Have a question? Want to get involved? For any queries about AFRICA SALON 2019, please contact Eilaf Elmileik.